Graphic Design / Printing

  • Graphic Design
    Graphic Design

    We, the professional design team can, in consultation with clients, create sales promotion tools which can make your marketing more original and effective. If you already have clear concepts or even if you only have a vague outline for you want to do, we can give a concrete shape to your ideas.

  • Illustration

    We create original illustrations which are suited to your needs; Illustrations which can represent your product’s concept in a comprehensible manner and one that conveys the message to your customer directly.

  • Print

    We can arrange a variety of prints such as business cards, brochures and roll up banners for exhibition use and other events. We can also get a quotation for printing costs alone if you already have your own artwork.

  • We design:

    Brochures, Leaflets, Business cards, Company brochures, Logos, Rollup banners, Advertisements, Posters, Novelty goods (Oyster card cases, Eco-bags, Pens)

  • We create:

    Character design, Illustration diagrams (Usage instructions, Processes of operation, Graphs), Simple maps

  • We arrange:

    Leaflets, Brochures, Company brochures, Rollup banners, Novelty goods 
(Oyster card cases, Eco-bags, Pens)